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One-On-One Package Course

(3 classes + 1 observation day)

Up to a total of 9 hrs of class PLUS one observation day with Lisa at the studio

Price: $550

50% deposit is required to secure your spot

Email to register

A thoughtfully designed one-on-one course that comprises of 3 classes plus one observation day with Lisa in her studio. You will be able to see first hand the challenges she encounters during a service and how to troubleshoot, because nothing is perfect in real life. 

For the Nail Art Class, you will be able to choose from 3a) or 3b) or it can be totally customized to your liking!


1) Electric File Manicure + Basic Gel theory + Gel application

You will learn how to use the electric file safely to prep natural nails for gel application in combination with nippers and pushers. Also pick up tips and tricks on how to handle different cuticle/skin challenges you will encounter. Basics of gel chemistry will be covered, as well as how to use different primers. Pick up tips and tricks clean gel color application as you work on a hand model. If time allows, a bonus nail art look will be covered as well.   

Apres Gel X Nail Extensions

2) Apres Gel X + Structured Gel Foundation application

You will learn how to prep Apres gel tips to ensure maximum adhesion as well as the difference between the Extend Gels and the Primers in the system. Learn how to effectively apply the Apres Gel X extensions on natural nails with a mini LED light. Pick up tips and tricks on how to finish file and shape the extensions.

Learn the techniques on how to apply a structured gel foundation to correct nail deformities as well as creating a stronger base for clients with flexible natural nails.


3a) Nail Art - Foundation

- French tip and halfmoon design: foundation necessary for developing your nail art skills.

- A few variations of single layer marble and floral design.

- Basic striping tape, stickers/decals and stone/crytals application, shell encapsulation.

3b) Nail Art - Intermediate

- Multi-dimensional marble design - quartz, tortoiseshell, jade.

- Complex multi-layer floral design with gel, floral design with watercolor.

- Freestyle linework.

- Repeated pattern/tile design.

- Intricate lace design, snow flake design. 

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